Whitney’s Pocket Models

 The Whitney Pocket Model classification includes a variety of small caliber revolvers.  The earliest one came on the scene around 1850, followed by a series of improved revolvers .   As indicated by the name, these “pocket” revolvers were designed to be easily carried by civilians.  They are primarily 31 caliber revolvers, with a few models made in 28 caliber.

 Each of these pocket model revolvers are pictured below.   Whitney, and other firearms manufacturers struggled to produce reliable “revolvers” during the early 1850s.  Sam Colt’s patent on his revolving mechanism did not expire until 1857.  Prior to that time, Whitney and others had to offer alternative methods of turning the cylinder.   After the patent expired, Whitney was ready with his Navy Model revolver and a Pocket Model that closely resembled the Navy Model. 

We are collecting data on the various models of Whitney’s Pocket revolver.  If you have any of these revolvers, please consider providing data for our research project.  A survey form is available for each model, or you may email photos and information regarding serial numbers and other markings to   ltdan.whitneyrevolver@gmail.com



Whitney Pocket Model

31 caliber, 5 shot with various barrel lengths

c. late 1850s -1860s


Hooded Cylinder Pocket Revolver

 28 caliber, 6 shot with various barrel lengths

c. 1850-53


Two Trigger Pocket Revolver

31 caliber, 5 shot with various barrel lengths

c. 1852-54


Whitney Beals' Patent Pocket Revolver

31 & 28 calibers, 6 or 7 shots with various barrel lengths

c. 1854- ?


"New Model" Pocket Revolver

28 caliber, 6 shot with 3 1/2" barrel

c. 1860-67


Rimfire Breechloading Revolver

22, 32 & 38 calibers, 5, 6 & 7 shots with various barrel lengths

c. 1871-1879